Tiny creek, big fish

We were raised out in the country next to a tiny creek, a creek where we made our first (illegal) fishing experiences as little kids. Even though we travel and fish elsewhere a lot these days, having a couple of hours to waste, we regularly like to return to our home creek and especially Lukas is always tempted by the challenging conditions. This creek is not wider than 0,5m to 2m and requires a lot of crawling, sneaking and cursing to even get to smaller fish and finding fish over 30cm has been very difficult, to say the least. While taking his dog for a walk, Lukas spotted this beast of a brown trout and was amazed by its size and age. When he told me about it, I didnt understand why we were still talking about it instead of going for it. Said and done! This fish was living in a small pool, half hiding under a log at the head of the pool. Our hearts were pounding as we had never seen such a fish in this tiny stream. Three flies and five bow casts later, the fish took a tiny, unweighted nymph and was quickly landed with the help of Lukas’ #3 custom rod (https://hanausek-rods.com/). What a beauty and with 48cm by far the biggest fish we have seen in the many years we have known this little stream. Getting to this size in such a difficult invironment, must be hard, and the fish’s head tells the story of its many years in the creek.

A fish and a story we will most likely never forget.

Check out the pictures and short video!

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