Stoked: New personalised custom rods

Many fly fishers are not only drawn to the excitement of the sport but also to its art and beauty, wether it is nature, the beauty of casting or the gear itself. As a creative myself, I have always admired the creativity of professional creators in fly fishing, mainly fly tiers and rod builders as these guys put so much passion into their work that it often seems as if catching fish is no longer the main focus when tying flies or building rods. It was quite a surprise when we were contacted by Austrian Rod Builder Kurt Hanausek in summer 2016 with an offer to build personalised rods for the three of us. Kurt had seen our videos which gave him inspiration to refocus on his passion and the idea to build a “brother series” for us. Unsurprisingly, we were quite surprised but totally excited by the idea. All he had us do was to give him some personal information on the three of us and it seemed like he couldnt wait to get started. Regarding the design of the rods, we gave him full control which added to our excitement as we had no idea what to expect. If we had any expectations at all, they were outperformed by Kurt and his love for detail and design (see pictures). It is save to say that these rods are the most special pieces of gear we have ever used and the feeling of using a rod especially build for yourself while reflecting your personality in as much detail as possible can not be described.

Check out Kurt’s blog entry for more detail on the our rods:

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