NEW book featuring Brothers On The Fly


Finally available online and on bookshop shelves, an amazing writing and photography project which we are very proud to have been involved in.

Several of our international friends, such as Hooké, Leeway Collective, Rok Rozman etc. have also contributed some of their amazing work!

Not only is our story featured but a piece of Brothers On the Fly founder Jonas Borinski’s photography was chosen as the cover shot (model:Christof Menz).

From the publishers:

“Whether in the hands of those who claim wading and waiting in the water as a practice pastime or those curious minds that have yet to cast a line, The Fly Fisher exhibits a world of stunning locales, gear essentials, and knot patterns. Profiles of fly fishing legends and members of a fresh new generation of enthusiasts provide the first comprehensive discussion of the sport and an unparalleled overview of its artistry.”


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