Lake sight fishing

Since Jonas decided to have trouble with his knee again and was unable to walk properly, I decided to go fishing our home lake alone last week.

I came down that hill on the little path we have walked for years now, took a look into the bay and saw big trout rising. I took my first real chance of dry fly fishing this year, and although missing my brothers in that situation, I found myself content and more focused on rises, fish and casting. I was calm and concentrated while switching the reel and leader and chose a tiny black dry fly which I supposed would match the midge-hatch.

The second cast from more than 5 meters behind the shore line gave me that beauty on the dry. Then of course I wished Jonas were there to take a better photo and share this moment.  Took a picture myself and called Jonas minutes later.

I really look forward to more moments like this, sharing my passion with my brothers and everybody who cares.