First trout of the season!

Hi there! Couldn`t wait any longer, and when I saw the first bigger stretches of open water in my favourite creek…off I went. 🙂

Of course there is still roughly 1 metre of wet snow laying on the ground but I thought it could be doable with some snowshoes, which it was ( just goddamn hard work^^).

Didnt take many casts with a brown wolly bugger and a 47cm brownie hit it with quite some power..I kept it since it is the first trout after a loooong winter and it`ll taste awesome!! I actually caught two more slitely smaller ones aswell, but those two I released back into their water again.

GREAT start into the season for me! I´m more than happy and thrilled I have to`s a special kind of fishing when you crawl to creek on snowshoes and then catch trout on a fly..the blue sky, blue water and the white snow surrounding it does make it an awesome experience..

Kiruna, by Jan