Why you should avoid fishing on your own…

IMG_1972I just came back from catching one of those few fish in your life that you just don’t forget. It was the biggest and strongest Brown I have ever caught on a fly and I wish it had been my most special fishing moment as well, but it wasn’t!

Why not? Because I was on my own! It is that simple!

There was noone to keep their fingers crossed for me during the fight. Noone to exclaim shouts of excitement, noone to guess how big the fish might be. There was noone to show respect for the trout’s strength, its jumps and attempts to get rid of the fly. There was nobody around to help me net it and take an adequate picture of me and the fish that was able to illustrate the trout’s beauty.  In short: There was nobody to share the moment with and I wish one of my brothers had been there!

I do like to fish on my own once in a while since it does have its merits: Time to focus deeply on you and your environment, on your casting or anything that you choose to focus on.

Most of the time though fishing with a brother, a literal brother or just someone you enjoy sharing your passion with, is what you should try to do as often as possible so that your special moment ends up being as special as it should be!

Tight Lines, Jonas